Do you ever have an old hard copy plan that you need to use in conjunction with your digital CAD drawings, but don't have the scanning capabilities and/or image manipulating software? Let  CADvisers take your hard copy drawing and convert it to a more usable accurate vector drawing.

Or do you have a lot of hand drawn details or spec. sheets that are frequently used over and over again by xeroxing them onto sticky film which is not the best quality. Let CADvisers take your hard copy details and spec. sheets and convert them in to a higher quality vector drawing or image file.

What ever the case maybe, let CADvisers take care of converting drawings to something more useful and efficient for you.

  • Hand drawings converted to electronic media
  • Old Hard Copy plans converted to vector drawings or image files
  • Electronic vector drawings converted to image files for marketing
  • Vector formats: .dwg, .dxf, .dgn
  • Raster formats: .gif, .tif, .jpg, .bmp, .eps
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